Haldex EBS Training

Haldex EBS Training

All our courses are provided by a QQI qualified trainer who has extensive knowledge, technical and practical expertise.

Haldex automatic brake adjuster ABS & EBS – EB + Gen1, Gen2 & Gen 3

  • Discover & understand EBS
  • Acquire methods of diagnostics
  • Examine & repair the components of the systems


  • To be able to install, maintain and rectify/replace components relating to Haldex automatic brake adjusters.
  • To understand the basic function of EBS.
  • To be able to diagnose and rectify/replace the different components and faults on the EBS systems.
  • To be able to replace these components, programme/re-programme the ECU using PC or Info Centre.

Suitable for

  • Workshop engineers and persons with an understanding of EBS systems.
  • These training sessions can be tailored to suit the individual requirements e.g. college students, transport managers & other relevant organisations etc.

Courses delivered for Haldex EBS Braking Systems include practical training on a specifically constructed training rig.