Pneumatic Control Equipment

Pneumatic Control Equipment

Safety & Fleet Services are Partners with Air Engineering Controls Ltd.

Air Engineering Controls Ltd has been successfully involved for many years in the design and development of both standard and customised pneumatic control equipment. The company’s main activity is offering pneumatic components and systems for a wide range of markets. AE’s products are currently used in many industry sectors including Commercial Vehicle, Bus & Coach, Marine, Agriculture & Food Processing, Medical, Printing etc.

Emergency Vehicles

Control modules built to customer-specific requirements need to be 100% reliable in all conditions for the emergency vehicle market.

All the pneumatic functions can be controlled from a single integrated modular system located within the preferred location on the chassis or inside the cab. Our experience covers applications such as Airport Rapid Intervention Vehicles (RIV’s) and Domestic Fire Appliances.

Typical functions are:

  • Lighting mast control
  • Central locking of doors/roller shutters
  • Hose reel Auto-rewind
  • Throttle control
  • Handbrake interlock
  • Foam/water mixing valve control
  • Manual /Auto selection mode

Power Take-Off Controls & Accessories

Offering handbrake interlock as standard, the PTO controls come as part of a kit supplied with a host of other associated components.

AE’s latest push/pull control valve design features include; built-in spool indicator, lock nut for panel mounting, ergonomic operation, 4mm/6mm push-in fittings and air & solenoid reset capability. Recently added to this range is a revolutionary chassis mounted electronic PTO (air or vacuum), which is operated from a dashboard switch. For safety precautions, the PTO can only be operated when the handbrake is engaged. Vacuum systems are used extensively on smaller vehicles without a vehicle compressor.

Bus & Coach

Bus and coach providers have particular demands over and above other commercial vehicles – from pneumatic and electro-pneumatic valves for door control to specialist valves for onboard toilet systems. They also require a range of fluid control systems. We can help with them all.

Air Engineering has developed a range of valve and cylinder components, both free-standing and modular custom designs, to replace existing parts or for use in new-build vehicles. Many products have been designed to be interchangeable with control systems on older buses still in service, others meet today’s OEM requirements. AE has widened its range to include ramp control, passenger safety, soft edge detection and pressure sensors.

Food & Beverage

Pneumatic and fluid control systems play a major role in food and beverage production. We can design and manufacture the complex systems often required whether it be for milking equipment, sorting machines, packaging equipment and much more.

Control systems and specific components which we can source can be involved in so many ways, such as air preparation, hygiene and meeting national quality standards.