Pneumatic Safety Rails

Pneumatic Safety Rails

Safety & Fleet Services are leaders in the design, manufacture and installation of stainless steel pneumatic safety rails. Our expertise in vehicle safety and efficiency systems means when considering the safety of your fleet, your staff and your customers, Safety & Fleet Services is the name to remember.

We offer a full planning, design and advisory service.

The current emphasis being put on safety in the industry means it is not only important to use a safety Rail to maximise the efficiency of your operation, and offer higher standards of safety to your staff and customers but to also comply with legislative requirements.

Benefits of a Safety Rail

  • User-Friendly: a safety rail can be operated from ground level by means of a control valve therefore eliminating the need to mount a tanker to operate a rail
  • Easy to Fit: the rail can be designed to suit all tankers both new and retro-fit.
  • Pneumatic Operation: the rail is operated by the air supply from the vehicle to which it is fitted. When lowered to its transit position the rail locks into place eliminating vibration and therefore extending the rail life.
  • Brake Interlock System: safety is maximised by a brake interlock system, which immobilises the tanker while the rail is in the raised position, thus preventing the vehicle from moving. This eliminates the possibility of falls from the top of the tanker as well as avoiding driving into potential overhead hazards.
  • Construction: the rail is constructed of stainless steel, therefore, corrosion is negligible. The rail raises to a height of one metre. A rigid intermediate bar is standard on all installations. A safety rail can be designed to comply with ADR specifications.
  • Options: if a tanker is parked for a period of time disengaged from the tractor unit and therefore unsupplied with air there is an option available to secure the safety rail in the raised position for added safety.