RSA Compliance and Training

RSA Compliance and Training

Safety & Fleet Services can assist you with all the necessary maintenance & service planning to achieve the maximum level of compliance.

All our courses are provided by a QQI qualified trainer who has extensive knowledge, technical & practical expertise.

Accurate & detailed record keeping is essential and it is mandatory to retain these for a minimum of two years for inspection by an authorised authority.

A preventative vehicle maintenance system consists of a scheduled maintenance & service planner, driver daily walk around checks & vehicle inspection records.

Safety & Fleet Services will assist in implementing all your legislative requirements as follows;

  • On-Line Self Declaration
  • Preparation for Premises/Site Inspections
  • Planned maintenance – Service Schedules, Wall Charts etc.
  • Record Keeping:
    • To support regulatory compliance legislation
    • To ensure the safety & roadworthiness of vehicles
    • To lower maintenance & operating costs
    • To reduce unplanned downtime
    • To increase efficiency

Driver/Workshop Training

  • Driver Walk Around Checks
  • Vehicle fault recording
  • Load Securing
  • Tachograph
  • Vehicle Maintenance Record Keeping, Costings etc.
  • Driver Walk Around Check
  • Vehicle Inspection Reports

A preventative vehicle maintenance system with accurate & detailed records is essential. Non-compliance may result in heavy fines or penalties.